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BehaVR is a new kind of digital therapeutics company dedicated to tackling the epidemic of anxiety-related challenges and disorders, to help curb chronic disease at scale. Partnering with the country’s leading academic institutions, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies, we innovate at the intersection of behavioral science, virtual reality and community design to develop immersive, evidence-based experiences that change peoples' lives. With every program we create, we commit to give people agency over their own health, and generate value, change, and better clinical outcomes for all stakeholders in the healthcare system.

NurtureVR was developed and piloted in partnership with Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Orange County, Ca. in 2020, the outcome of a collaborative process with moms, physicians, nurses and midwives. NurtureVR is built on decades of research into VR’s ability to mitigate pain related to pregnancy, create experiential learning environments, reduce stress, and improve wellbeing.

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You're in luck. We're offering an exclusive preview to moms who want to buy now, before launching NurtureVR to the general public. Watch Danielle's story below to hear her experience.

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Calling all maternal health leaders.  Interested in getting NurtureVR to your community of moms? Submit your information to learn more. 

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22 weeks of content, geared towards managing stress, anxiety and fear in critical stages of pregnancy. 

Equipped with a headset at home, women and their families access skills and tools on their own time.

Immersive views help women visualize what's happening in their brain and body, facilitating bonding.

Calm Learning Environment

Intimate Connection

A six-month virtual reality program to empower women on the journey from pregnancy to motherhood.

Introducing NurtureVR

Pregnancy is as psychological an experience as it is physical. According to new research from Stanford, pregnant women are showing levels of stress, anxiety and depression at rates two-times higher than they were pre-pandemic. Studies have long drawn a connection that expectant mothers with high stress are more subject to shortened gestation and preterm delivery — two birthing factors that contribute to shocking maternal and infant mortality rates in the United States.

NurtureVR is a first-of-its-kind program that supports moms through the third trimester, labor and delivery experience and postpartum period, improving their health and wellness.

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"...BehaVR is unlocking access to tools that women need to help ensure a safe and stress-free delivery and postpartum experience. We immediately recognized NurtureVR as an opportunity to deliver care at scale to a diverse population of women and are encouraged by BehaVR’s long-term focus and investment in addressing this issue."

Fran Ayalasomayajula, President of Reach  & Save Moms Campaign